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Description I/O Controller (IOC) Shelf
Cards NT0X67 (IOC Bus Terminator)
NT1X62 (I/O Message Processor)
NT1X67 (I/O Terminal Controller)
NT1X68 (9 Track Tape Controller)
Backend Busses DS-30
Internal Busses IOC Shelf Bus
Frontend Busses TBD
Variants AA, AB, AD, AG[1]

The NT1X61 holds various I/O controller cards for managing the DMS itself.


  • The front of the shelf has a number of slots for cards, with power and the IOC Shelf Bus on the backplane.
  • The rear of the shelf has numerous connectors to connect to peripherals and the upstream shelf[2]

Related Documentation

  • 297-1001-129 DMS-100 Family IO System Reference.pdf DMS-100 Family IO System Reference Page 20 - Shelf Architecture


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